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Your leader in eco-friendly services for a healthier business

  • Commercial cleaning services
    - Daily, weekly and monthly - Carpet cleaning
    - Scrub, seal, and finish vinyl composite tile (VCT) floors

  • Building maintenance

  • Commercial chemical-free window cleaning

  • Post construction clean up

  • Polish concrete floors

  • Clean room cleaning

Recycling requires little time or energy to do, but is a significant aid to the environment.

Turn off lights when you leave a room.

Bring your own bags while shopping.

Pay attention to the amount of cleaning.


Environmental sustainability has experienced a renaissance in recent years as corporate and public understand of its importance has increased. It’s not exclusive to large organizations and businesses. Individuals and families can derive equal benefits from switching to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Green Cleaning is the practice of applying the concept of environmental sustainability to a janitorial setting. Such practices include the use of less harmful chemicals, fewer waste byproducts, attention to recycling, energy efficient tools, and responsible waste disposal methods.

All of our employees are required to undergo a supervised training period before being allowed to work individually. This ensures that all of our employees are capable of maintaining our high standards.

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