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Environmental Sustainability:
Practices designed to contribute in the
long-term to the quality of an ecosystem.

Environmental sustainability has experienced a reniassance in recent years as corporate and public understand of its importance has increased.

Why is it important for my company to practice environmental sustainability?
The quality of the environment has both long-term and short-term impacts on nearly every aspect of a business. Pollution causes breathing difficulties and decreased efficiency in the workplace. Chemicals can be immediately hazardous to employee health. These are just two examples of the effect that the environment can play in any corporation, there are countless more however.

Companies across the world are working on developing environmentally strategies on their own.

Greenstar Services Incorporated offers:
Commercial Cleaning Services
• Daily, weekly and monthly
• Carpet cleaning
• Scrub, seal, finish and polish floors
• HVAC preventative maintenance
Construction Clean Up
Lawn Care
Energy Saving Commercial and Residential Improvements
• Windows
• Insulation
• Lighting

We are a cleaning services contractor focusing on environmentally friendly green cleaning practices with a committment to excellence in all aspects of our work. This standard is understood by all of our employees.

Founded in 2008 by David Rowe, as Clean Right Services. Changed to GreenStar Services Incorporated in 2010, we are a growing business with the flexibility to deal with a wide range of environments.

All GreenStar Services employees are required to undergo a supervised training period before being allowed to work alone. This ensures that all of our employees are capable of maintaining the high standards that we hold ourselves to.

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