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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning is the practice of applying the concept of environmental sustainablility to a janitorial setting.

Such practices include the use of less harmful chemicals, fewer waste byproducts, attention to recycling, energy efficient tools, and responsible waste disposal methods.

Is green cleaning safe?
Most commercial cleaning products are corrosive or poisonous, green cleaning focuses on reducing the use of and exposure to such harmful toxins.

Why should my company care about green cleaning?
Standard cleaning solutions are not only damaging to the environment, but also to human health. A workspace that is cleaned with such solutions can have a detrimental effect on workers within that area.

Is green cleaning more expensive than the standard?
Not at all. In fact, the reduced waste byproducts and used energy can serve to reduce costs associated with standard cleaning procedures. This, combined with improved employee health can make switching to green cleaning a very advantagious decision.

Is it as effective?
Yes, green cleaning maintainsthe same standard of cleanliness that can be expected from normal janitorial procedures.


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